My Drink Is Better Than Yours

For my very first post, I was thinking I should make it a serious topic. Give my blog purpose. Make it meaningful. But then I thought about it. Why so serious? This is about DRINKING!!! Responsibly that is.

A few weeks back, I was conversing (not conversating – quick English lesson ðŸ˜œ) with a friend of mine. I asked him if he drinks. His response was not really. But he does drink wine… the real wine and not that sweet stuff. LOL! Look at here, y’all can have that bitter wine. Give me the sweet stuff. At least I know I will enjoy my drink. I’m just saying.

So what makes your drink better than the next person? What about it pleases your taste buds? If you ask me, most of it is nasty. And yes I drink.

So let’s talk about it. I’m making this post about you. Besides when it comes to drinking, it’s about what you like anyway.

What makes a drink good to you? I’m not talking about a mixed drink either. I want to know about the hard stuff y’all drink. Do you drink it because it is popular or because it actually tastes good to you 👀👀👀? Do you stay away from certain drinks because it gives you a hangover? Are you a vodka, tequila, or cognac person?

Don’t be shy. This is a NO JUDGMENT zone. I want to hear from you.

Mo’ Hawk



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